Escape from the Past: The Duke's Wrath by Annette Oppenlander {Excerpt + Giveaway}






When fifteen-year-old nerd and gamer Max Anderson thinks he's sneaking a preview of an unpublished video game, he doesn't realize that 1) He's been chosen as a beta, an experimental test player. 2) He’s playing the ultimate history game, transporting him into the actual past: anywhere and anytime. And 3) Survival is optional: to return home he must decipher the game's rules and complete its missions—if he lives long enough. To fail means to stay in the past—forever.

Now Max is trapped in medieval Germany, unprepared and clueless. It is 1471 and he quickly learns that being an outcast may cost him his head. Especially after rescuing a beautiful peasant girl from a deadly infection and thus provoking sinister wannabe Duke Ott. Overnight he is dragged into a hornets' nest of feuding lords who will stop at nothing to bring down the conjuring stranger in their midst.




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“His name is Max,” Bero offered from the bench. “He hid in Hanstein’s forest.”


The woman stepped closer and then crossed herself. “May the Lord have mercy. A Wanderer to bring doom to our Haus.” I vehemently shook my head. “No, no, I’m just lost and need a place for the night.”


Bero’s mother stepped closer still. She was inches shorter, yet her shoulders were wide and her arms thick and muscled. I shrank back. She’d beat me to a pulp no problem. To my horror she extended an arm to inspect my hair. “What’s a lad like you doing in the Lord’s forest? You look like a stranger. A conjurer perhaps.”


“He said he is from the village,” Bero intercepted. I wished he’d shut up. It was nerve-wracking enough to deal with Bero. The woman was positively frightening—nothing like my mother who was gentle and sweet. “I’m visiting,” I tried. Maybe it was best to say as little as possible.


Bero’s mother grabbed my T-shirt and rubbed the fabric between thumb and forefinger. “Your clothes are…odd.” Then her eyes fell on my shoes, half hidden in the straw. Obviously not hidden enough. She got on her knees mumbling something. Then she crossed herself again. I stood waiting and hoping my legs wouldn’t tremble. To keep from fidgeting, I stuck my hands in my pockets, my right fingertips making contact with something within.


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Annette Oppenlander writes historical fiction for young adults and anyone who loves stories set in the past. When she isn’t in front of her computer, she loves indulging her dog, Mocha, and traveling around the U.S. and Europe to discover amazing histories.

"Nearly every place holds some kind of secret, something that makes history come alive. When we scrutinize people and places closely, history is no longer a number, it turns into a story."


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