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The Travelers
by Elizabeth Jeannel
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult


The town Alex calls home has always felt safe to her, until three girls her age are found dead. When Alex's father forces her mother to skip town with him, possibly for good, they leave Alex behind to fend for herself and unfold years of lies they have built her life upon. Jaze, who has been invisible by her side for months, appears just in time to eliminate any normality that remained in her life. He's tall, dark and terrifying, though that wasn’t his intent. Just as Jaze is earning Alex's trust, the Council, a feared and powerful group of leaders from his world, orders him to protect her with his life. 

Jaze quickly becomes torn between his duty and his love for Alex. When her real memories of her childhood return, Alex tumbles head first into Jaze's strange world and into his arms. While Jaze soon finds that Alex may not be the ordinary girl he had originally assumed her to be. Together the two of them discover that sometimes love and simplicity aren't always options in life.



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My mind went painfully blank and my breath caught in my throat as I looked up into his eyes. Twinkling emeralds shined back and captivated me like they had the very first time I’d seen them. He was only inches from me, and my heart began to race so furiously that I could no longer hear anything but the banging of my blood on my ear drums. My face flushed and I looked down as I always did in an attempt to hide it. He lifted my chin with his index finger and my skin tingled where his touch had been. He looked me deeply in the eye, and my stomach flipped like a half-finished pancake.  

“You are just what?” He whispered the breath from his words caressed my face, sending peppermint wafting toward me. 

“I’m scared.” I whispered back. 

“What of?” He asked frowning as he gently pushed a piece of hair from my face like he constantly did when he spoke to me.

“Loving you, you loving me.”

“And why does that scare you so?” 

“Because every action has a consequence, Jaze.” I nearly snapped, forcing myself to look away from his intense stare.

“You will not be punished for your love, Alex.” He frowned, straining to see my face.

“But you might.” I murmured as I looked back at him. “You said yourself the council punishes people, and that members of the Guard aren’t allowed to even have friends. So, loving me is just going to cause you more grief than good.”

I wanted to add that I was an assignment; I was part of his work, and once that was over, he would be onto the next thing. I was sure that there were had to be rules about this sort of thing, even in his world, but I held my tongue. I wasn’t sure that I was ready to tell him I had been eavesdropping the night before. 

“Alex, whom I love, that is my choice.” He insisted. “The council does not control my life, just my job security.”

“So, you’d throw everything away for me?” I asked as I took a step back. “Your family; your friends. You told me that if you chose to be with me, you could die, Jaze. You’d risk your life for me? You—”

“Yes,” He interrupted, moving closer to me. “Yes I would.”

“No. No, I won’t let you.”


Author Bio:

Okay, I'm actually kidding, but while you're  here, there are a few things about me for those who don't know. I am currently a 911 dispatcher for a local county in Southwest Missouri. I spend my days with my girlfriend, my cat (shown left), and my leopard gecko. Writing has been a dream of mine since I first developed a love of reading; I'm guessing around the age of ten. With both of my parents being English majors, it was hard to ignore the call of the word world. So, here we are, nearly a decade later, and I'm finally reaching for the dream half of my life in the making. 
To all of my friends and my family who have been by my side through this journey, thank you for your support. And to you reading this now, thank you for taking the time from your day. If you have big dreams, remember you can do anything with determination and a whole lot of guts. I hope I can inspire others the way that other authors have inspired me with not just my writing, but with life itself. 
Happy reading!
Ellie J,


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