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Live and Let Psi

By  D.R. Rosensteel

Release Date: July 11, 2016

Genre: Young Adult

Rinnie Noelle would rather kick some creepy villain butt than go on a date. As a Psi Fighter trained in the Mental Arts, she can't be distracted by emotion. Her nemesis, Nicolaitin, is manipulating students from her school, using them as puppets to carry out his new plan to find the infamous Morgan Girl, and he doesn't care who becomes collateral damage in the process. People's lives are depending on Rinnie's ultimate focus.


But Mason Draudimon keeps slicing into her soul sharper than a Thought Saber, and her feelings for him knock her off her game with the strength of a psionic War Hammer. Mason insists on helping Rinnie take down Nicolaitan for his own reasons—to avenge his mother—and the closer they get to the truth, the more dangerous the dance between mind and heart, life and death, logic and love.




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Drake sauntered over to us, out of breath, and stopped right beside me, nodding as if he’d just had a lobotomy. His hair was damp with sweat, and his arms were shaking. He gazed into my eyes, and smiled like an unlit jack-o-lantern.


A sick feeling filled my stomach, and I shook my head. “No. Please. Surely not—”


“I am afraid so,” the Kilodan said.


“Why?” I whined. “I can’t be a Psi Fighter with him. All I can be is annoyed.”


“Which is exactly what we need you to be,” Andy said. “It’s the perfect cover. And you’re so good at it.”


“Let him do it,” I said, pointing to Drake. “He’s better at being annoying.”


“I’m starting to get the impression you don’t like me,” Drake said, frowning.


“Starting? What’s your IQ?”


“This isn’t a request,” the Kilodan said, somewhat sternly.


“Oh.” My first instinct was to stomp the floor and scream and throw the worst temper tantrum I could imagine. But that would give the Kilodan the mistaken impression that I was immature. So, I pinched Drake’s cheeks and pulled his mouth into a wide Cheshire cat grin.


“Okay, then. I assume I will be receiving the standard fee for babysitting this little guy.”


“You underestimate Mr. Reynolds,” the Kilodan said.


“I’m not sure that’s possible.”


“You underestimate how much that hurts,” Drake mumbled.


“No, I don’t.” I let his face snap back to normal.


“You’re beautiful when you don’t get your way. This will be fun.” Drake puckered his lips and blew me a kiss.


I fake-smiled at Drake and said, “Would you please excuse us?”


“No problem,” Drake said. He backed up a few steps to give us some room.


“Let me rephrase.” I took Drake by the shoulders, turned him toward the door, and shoved.


“Oh, right.” Drake stumbled, and disappeared through the door.


I turned to Andy. “Let me get this straight. Nicolaitan plans to hunt me down, pump me full of mind-altering drugs, and turn me into a stupid, mindless beast that hates Psi Fighters and knows all their secrets. Is that what I am to understand?”


“Actually,” Andy said, “you’d be a highly intelligent, fully aware beast that hates the Psi Fighters and knows all their secrets.”


“And how is infiltrating the Proletariat with Drake going to prevent that?”


“It could lead us to Camelot,” Andy said. “I’m beginning to think you have a problem with this plan.”


“He’s annoying. He’s egotistical. He has bad breath.”


“Your point?” Andy asked.


“Whose side are you on? Why can’t you be my partner? Drake Reynolds is more full of himself than a bean burrito. He can’t help me infiltrate anything. He’ll brag about it to the whole school. He needs to learn humility. It’s a foundation of kung fu, right? And I’d be happy to teach him. Let me spar with him. Right now.”


“No,” the Kilodan said. “I need him alive.”


“For what?” I said.


The Kilodan just stared at me.


“Drake is perfect for this mission,” Andy said. “The boy is not what he seems.”


“I certainly hope not, because he seems like a muttonhead.”





Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?


I live in the woods. I wasn’t raised by wolves, but I always dreamed about it. Growing up, I was always drawn to superhero stories, and badly wanted to have superpowers. Flying, of course, was my first choice, but I never learned the art. So I studied kung fu, which seemed to be the next best option for beginning a superhero career. Then I learned how to use swords and other ancient weapons, so I felt prepared. But alas, I learned that there was no well-defined career path for someone pursuing superheroism, so I decided to write about them instead. So far, so good.


Where do your ideas come from?


Life. Watching people and being amazed by how cool they are. No matter what the media tells you, people are awesome.


How did you decide to turn this into a series?


Well, one story didn’t seem like enough. There are so many bad guys for the Psi Fighters to take on.


Can you tell us more about the main character(s)?


Rinnie Noelle is a sixteen-year-old high school student by day and a masked crime fighter by night. She is totally comfortable kicking bad guy butt while masked, but out of her element when it comes to defending herself against bullies in school. And she has a debilitating fear of spiders. She feels safer with a can of Raid than she does in her Psi Fighter mask and armor.


Mason Draudimon is a bully-turned-good guy. He risked his life to save Rinnie from a Walpurgis Knight, and now he’s trying to convince her to fall in love with her. Unsuccessfully.


Nicolaitan is the leader of the Walpurgis Knights. He is the deadliest man alive, and Rinnie is on his radar in a bad way. He wants to capture her, shoot her full of the nasty mind control drug Psychedone 10, and turn her into his personal valet.


What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author?


It was when a member of the Psi Fighter Street Team, the lovely and talented Jessica Mitchell, said, “You can tell this was written by a guy” about a scene I had just completed.I was crushed. I cried for weeks. I had to rewrite the entire scene, because Jess was right. Rinnie, the main character, sounded like she was about to sprout a five o’clock shadow. What was I thinking?


Sitting alone in a big field, looking at stars, what do you think/feel?


I wish I had a telescope.


Describe your past week as a type of landscape or a weather forecast.


A high pressure system bringing an 80% chance of dramatic tension and a twisted story arc, with the promise of a satisfying ending.


If I came to your home and looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?


My cat standing behind you, begging for food.


What punctuation mark best describes your personality? Why?


I’m gonna have to vote for the exclamation point.With all due respect to the other punctuation marks, they just feel too subtle.


Can you daydream at night?


Technically yes, with the right virtual reality headset.


What is the one question you wish people would ask you but never have?


“Will you please, please, please sell me the movie rights so we can get this on the Big Screen?”

Psi Another Day
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Author Bio:

D. R. Rosensteel writes clean action-adventure fantasy. He grew up devouring Marvel and DC comics. He is a Batman aficionado (1960s television version) and über-fan of the television series Supergirl. He planned to be a comic strip artist but dated a girl in college with a very scientific mind, so he became a chemist instead. Fear of genetic mutation caused him to leave that field and start a consulting business so he could charge obscene fees, giving him plenty of time to write. Rosensteel lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, two daughters, and a cat. Also female. The extreme estrogen levels in his house contribute to his writing voice, and the high-pitched whining that destroyed his hearing has given him an almost supernatural ability to tune out everything and concentrate on his characters.


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