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Ora's Gold
by Charlotte Young
Genre: Young Adult

Australia is ruled by the SIF. The Special Investigation Force controls everything. Water, food, fuel ... women's bodies.

18-year-old Ora's decision to move in with her aunt is a bad one. She's landed herself in the middle of nowhere with a deluded activist who wants to change the world, one illegal birth at a time. Sooner or later someone is going to die and Ora doesn't know where to turn.

The beach is her only sanctuary and it's here that she meets Jake, thoughtful and experienced, who encourages her to live a little. So why is it that as soon as she starts to have some fun, everything goes dangerously wrong?








Into the first few chapters I knew that I was certainly enjoying and liking this book and then when I was a few more chapters in a realized that I loved the story. Well written story full of struggles and tribulations with just a right amount of romance. The characters were beautifully developed and I was moved by the story line. This is a book that I will soon be sharing with my teenage daughter.



{I own a paperback copy.}

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