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Trial By Dreams
Author: Jolene Buchheit
Series: The Charmed Trials Series
Genre: Young Adult Greek-Inspired Urban Fantasy

Julia and Vander thought their trial was over. But Demeter has only just begun wreaking havoc on their lives.

Julia finally accepted that her boyfriend is the son of a Siren and her family isn’t as normal as she once thought. But when she accidentally unlocks a power she didn’t know she had, her world dissolves into chaos once more. Now she is forced to uncover the truth about who she truly is, in order to triumph over their most important quest yet.

For Vander, the stakes have been raised as he seeks what was taken from him, torn between his need to protect Julia from Demeter and his focus on their second trial. What starts as a twisted journey across Iowa dissolves into recurring dreams that foreshadow a dark fate should they fail to work together.

As the fear of failure builds and time ticks away, Julia and Vander must learn to trust their instincts – and one another – before their reality spins into a nightmare that rips them apart.

Book 2 in the Charmed Trials Series.



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I was transported into new places and kept completely enthralled in this story line and the characters.... they jump right out of the pages and to life. The more this author writes, the more her creativity and world building continue to grow by leaps and bounds and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. I highly recommend you get started with this series.... you won't be disappointed.




{I received an eARC when I signed up to host the tour. I made no guarantee of a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are unbiased and my own.}



Honestly, I’m just surprised she hasn’t gone off the deep end with her extreme fangirl vocabulary.
“I’m so sorry I made you guys worry. There’s been a lot going on, but I shouldn’t have stressed you out.”
Lissy cuts me off and breaks away from the hug to continue her rant. “Stressed doesn’t even come close to covering what I went through. I nearly birthed a cow today.” Okay, here we go, this is the Lissy I know and love. “I was literally going to become a moo-my. If Taylor hadn’t brought me here, I would be nursing a calf at this very moment.”
Taylor nods in agreement as if a human having a cow is an actual possibility. “Yeah, and I would be udderly beside myself not knowing what to do.”
“Taylor, I see what you did there.” Lissy beams.
“Hey, thanks, Lissy.” They fist bump and Taylor flips her fluffy curls over her shoulder.
To his ever-loving credit, Vander does not laugh at my friends’ interaction. But he does try to join in by saying, “Well, isn’t this moo-ving?”
Lissy and Taylor give him wide-eyed looks and shake their heads, completely unimpressed with his attempt.”No, Vander, just no.”



As a substitute teacher, Jolene spends her days in high school classrooms harvesting material for her Young Adult novels. She also uses it as an outlet for fangirling by showing upcoming book-to-movie trailers at the end of class, or discussing vital issues like whether Katniss should have picked Gale or Peeta.

She is committed to helping Special Education teenagers become independent adults and helping them find a way to focus on the positive especially when life gets hard. At home, Jolene loves to cuddle with her husband, two kids, and three cats—sometimes all at once—while reading Young Adult books or repeatedly watching movies based on them.



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