{Review} It's Not Always Rainbows by Joey Paul @MsJoeyBug



It's Not Always Rainbows
by Joey Paul
Published June 30th,2017 by Bug Books

The LGBTQ rainbow covers people from all walks of life. Catherine and her friends all have to struggle for acceptance in their own lives. Parents, friends, teachers, pretty much everyone seems to have their opinion on how they should live.

The only people who don’t tell them what they should do are each other and the people inside the LGBTQ community.

So when people from that community start getting attacked and then murdered, Catherine feels she has to do something to stop it.

Dealing with her own issues with her religious parents is tough enough, but what do you do when who you are is the reason someone wants you dead?








This read enlightens readers to the obstacles and prejudices that the LGBTQ community experiences. Though it started a bit slow for me, it quite honestly kept me in its grip once it picked up and I experienced a range of emotions.


{I requested a copy for reviewing purposes and made no guarantee of a favorable review. The opinions expressed here are unbiased and completely my own.}

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