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Cedric the Demonic Knight
The Cedric Series Book 1
by Valerie Willis
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Known for hunting the supernatural, no mortal man realizes Lord Cedric is one of Sorceress Morrighan’s abominations. After competing in a tournament, he is wed to a Lady of the Court, Angeline. Cedric’s senses begin to overwhelm him and he struggles to decipher his feelings; Are they a creation of his incubine bloodline or truly heartfelt emotions for the girl who has lost it all to him? He finds himself forced to choose between falling in love or continuing his suicidal quest to kill his creator. Epic battles against all manners of beasts and demons fill this story with memorable antagonists such as Morrighan and her two sisters; Romasanta the Father of Werewolves; Succubus Queen Lillith and many more. Find yourself engulfed in lores and history long forgotten from the 12th Century and beyond.
Romasanta: Father of Werewolves
The Cedric Series Book 2
Romasanta finds himself a cursed man and struggles with his internal demon, literally. All his troubles start with a stone and after that he will be losing everything he's ever loved. Faced with clinging on to what little humanity he has, he will lose it many times before reaching the end of his journey. His life's tale will take you through time to see how every lore, every moment in history tied in with wolves all come back to him. They call him the Ancient One, others simply refer to him as the Father of Werewolves, but we know him by his name, Romasanta. Many battles will be fought before he gets closer to his goals, but will he be ready to finish what was asked of him at the very beginning of his horrible fate. Will he be able to return the Eye of Gaea and free the love of his life from the laurel tree in the Black Forest?
The Oracle
The Cedric Series Book 3
Released Sept 1st
With Angeline back in Cedric’s arms and the Eye of Gaea in Romasanta’s grip, the next step in their journey begins. All eyes are set on Mt. Parnassus where the Oracle is protected by Delphyne, the mother of all dragons and beasts. Assembling a group of willing patrons, Romasanta leads them to Delphi, Greece where they will cross into a realm void of technology. Only brute strength and magic reign in a place where packs of Mimick dogs, Wyverns and Jaculus still run wild. Meanwhile, back home Lillith takes on a mysterious curse cast on Tony who will have to make a life changing choice. The question weighing on all their minds is if two werewolves, the Incubus King, and a demonized sorceress will live to fight their way into Gaea’s Gate to enter the Otherworld?

It was brought to my attention that I should take a moment to talk

to the readers and fans of The Cedric Series.

I wish to share my inspirations for writing this story. This will

explain a lot on how I came about creating these amazing ideas,

characters, creatures, and events as a fictional work with heavy

fantasy and romance elements in the mix. If one really wanted to drag

out all its genres, I could label this a historical fiction, mythology, or

even occult and paranormal. So far, Fantasy Romance has done this

work the most justice for my readers’ expectations.

Historical fiction can be applied to several parts throughout the

series, whether it’s a scene, event, or even a reflection of a character

and their on-goings. What do I mean by this? Well a lot of you might

get the Vladimir Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler references, but it dove

deeper than that. King Frederic was the First King of Germans, the

lepers in those times did indeed have to ring bells and seek refuge in

colonies, Cerdanya was a real trade town, and so on. There are a ton

of subtle hints here and there because I wanted to bring the unseen,

untold side of the history during Medieval Times to a tangible state.

As far as the Mythology side of this series, I wanted to teach you

all my version of forgotten lores, legends, and mythology. I did my

best to not use anything that was newer than the 12th Century as I dug

deep. Some of the concepts weaved in with my own perception was

hard to obtain and justify. There was a lot of book buying, digging

through a Medieval-age bestiary, and though I scoured the internet, it

failed me often in my journey for research. As I created and

developed each character, I did my best to tie them into one or more

myths so that I may weave a wondrous story without limits. At the

same time, I wanted some of you to get caught in a conversation or

sitting in class and have that moment of, “Oh! I know how this myth




Let me enlighten you all on some of the tales, history, legends and

myths stitched into some of these amazing characters you have

experienced so far:

Cedric takes after a very forgotten and neglected epic legend from

Medieval Times of the Russian Knight Hero, Ilya Muromets. Search

him, check it out and feel free to compare what you unknowingly

learned about this amazing legend. You’ll be excited to see a red

haired knight on a black horse as one of the images in the mix.

Included in this was some really obscure Romanian beliefs involving

early vampire-like stories. The off-shoots involving the strigoi showed

less of fear towards these vampire creatures, but held a tone of sorrow

and remorse. People who became these creatures had not finished

living their lives (Including not ever getting married) and met the

insane stipulations to come back as one of the undying. Truly

interesting, and I can only hope to capture that same empathetic tone I

had discovered in my digging.



Barushka combines a few tales as well, starting with his name

drawn from the Russian Knight Hero tales. Other than that, I focused

heavily on the Shag Foal lores. I was intrigued by the first few

variants I stumbled on and found that the internet proved void of

information. Amazingly, the hairy phantom horse tales started so long

ago, there was no exact date as to when they began. The folklore was

mysteriously always there. Adding to my wonder about this lore was

the fact I stumbled on a 1927 Naturalist journal that devoted a section

to them. Even this far forward, it was believed it may be an

undiscovered species of horse! Despite that, the one thing I saw

reflected in all the writing was that a shag foal approaches lone

travelers and scares them so much that they run off to their deaths.

Never once did the research say the horse actively killed someone.

Morrighan, Badbh, and Nemaine were derived from the tales

involving the evil sorcerer Calatin. This was the older tale involving

them that did not mix the three as one entity. There are no words to

describe my frustration and disappointment at how many times that

Badbh and Nemaine were labeled as alternative names for Morrighan.

Especially when the story of the Legendary Cuchulainn made it clear

that they were three sisters each with unique powers. Seeing that

Badbh and Morrighan had earned the title of Goddess at some point

through the passing of time, I felt the need to give Nemaine her own

placement as a Goddess as well.



Romasanta is the most complex of all my characters. His name is

taken from a man in history that is not as common as it once was,

Manuel Blanco Romasanta. He was the first serial killer to be trailed

and as you read book two of the Cedric Series you will see a lot of

that history drawn upon. Feeding off the tragic aura, I pulled in both

werewolf and wolf-related myths and lores, wanting to show a more

accurate flow through a single entity. It was my intentions to bring in

familiar aspects and add in the historically forgotten complications

that modern book culture has failed to take into account. Those wellversed

in mythology will be able to pick out elements on their own,

but the amount of lore here is wide. Tales of Apollo and Daphne, Pan

and Pitip, Fenrir, versipellis, Romanian beliefs of vampires were

caused by a werewolf, Wolf of the Cemetery from Haiti, Romulus and

Remus, and so on. There are deep seeds that I only give you teasers to

the mythology that is mentioned here.



As for the monsters, you can say thank you to the Medieval

Bestiaries. There are so many wild and crazy creatures in these that

are no longer touched that I wanted to bring them to life again. Orms,

Jidra, and Aitvaras were a few of the frightening things that travelers

spoke of and warned each other about in their explorations. I can only

imagine what they may have been based on, but there is a great sense

of pride I take in including such monsters into my story. Granted, I

have not followed their descriptions exactly and have embellished

them with my own imagination, but I hope they make my stories more




In the end, I encourage my thirsty readers to explore what you’ve

read in my Cedric Series. Search the names, look deeper in the scenes,

places, events and discover these in more detail. My goal is to

introduce you to the forgotten lores and history while adding my own

perspective and imagination into the mix. May this tale make its mark

in your heart and open your world to the legacy our ancestors once

talked about over the dinner table so long ago!


Happy reading and discovery!

Valerie Willis

Valerie Willis is a sixth generation Floridian who loves crafting novels with elements inspired by Mythology, Superstitions, Legends, Folklore, Fairy Tales and even history. She braved the Independent Publish route at the end of 2012 and has devoted herself for being a pillar of “Self-Publishing How-to” from formatting of both print and digital versions to book cover designs. 


Her fantasy romance novels within The Cedric Series is a wonderful blend of genres that appeal to a wide-range of readers whether they like paranormal, fantasy, romance or action adventure. The characters are flawed in mental and emotional ways while being amazing powerful creatures, demons, witches and Gods. Many of the monsters presented in battle derive from Medieval Bestiaries and adds a fun flavor of new yet deeply rooted assortment of creatures such as Coin Iotair, Shag Foal, Cynocephali, and many more. 
For Young Adult readers looking for a Dark Fantasy and coming-of-age lessons, Tattooed Angels Trilogy is an ode to her teenage life for those teenagers getting ready to step out in the world on their own. Hotan is a failed reincarnation and is becoming immortal against his will. Life is complicated and often we withdraw within ourselves, shut others out, when life becomes hard. As the story unfolds we learn the importance of opening up and asking for support in all its forms to the people in our lives even beyond friends and family. Each immortal controls amazing powers of Nature, like fire, or elements of Humanity, such as fear.
You can often find this Author hosting workshops about writing and self-publishing in the Orlando, Florida area or working on the next novel. She loves to inspire other writers and creative minds. Be sure to visit her blog for some of the advice she has to offer from a perspective that has influences from Game Development and Graphic Design.


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