#Review The Girl in the Glass Box by Andi Adams



The Girl in the Glass Box

A witch. An apple. A mirror. That’s all most people think of when they recall the story of Snow White. But the truth is rarely so simple. What if the Queen wasn’t born evil and the princess wasn’t always so pure of heart? Is it possible that these two women could have ended up in one another’s place?



The Girl in the Glass Box tells the story of Agrippine and Genevieve, two women who are not all that different, but who quickly learn through a series of choices, encounters, and devastating losses that the course of their fates can change in an instant. Through the influences of the people they love and lose, both are redefined as their stories head for a different sort of happily-ever-after.







I was so excited when I came across this book that I immediately requested a review copy. It took me quite some time to get through this read and no matter how much I tried to like it, it just didn't happen for me. In a nutshell I found myself completely bored with it.


{I requested a copy for reviewing purposes via Xpresso Book Tours. I made no guarantee of a favorable review and the opinion contained herein is unbiased and my own.}


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