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FOUL PLAY (Barlow Sisters #3)

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She’s following her heart. He’s looking for redemption. Can they beat a bad rap and slide home safe? Chloe Barlow has always wanted to give back. But when she volunteers at the local church one night, her good deed is repaid with a violent attack. The biggest surprise comes when Armitage’s resident bad boy saves Chloe and leaves a sweet note in her locker the following day. Could Chloe's classmates have been wrong about him the whole time? Vincent Mancini hasn’t cared about his reputation in years. At least, not until Chloe looked in his direction. With his older brother in jail and a rocky home life, it was always easier to accept his troublemaker label. But it turns out Vincent’s brother might be innocent and with Chloe agreeing to a date, things are looking up for the troublemaker… Chloe is determined to prove her family wrong about Vincent by clearing his brother’s name. But as their investigation takes a dangerous turn, Chloe could end up with something much more serious than a broken heart… Foul Play is the final standalone book in The Barlow Sisters Trilogy, a series of simmering YA contemporary romance novels. If you like forbidden love stories, complex characters, and high-adrenaline mysteries, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s sports romance series.

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Jordan Ford is a New Zealand author who has spent her life traveling with her family, attending international schools, and growing up in a variety of cultures. Although it was sometimes hard shifting between schools and lifestyles, she doesn’t regret it for a moment. Her experiences have enriched her life and given her amazing insights into the human race. She believes that everyone has a back story…and that story is fundamental in how people cope and react to life around them. Telling stories that are filled with heart-felt emotion and realistic characters is an absolute passion of Jordan’s. Since her earliest memories, she has been making up tales to entertain herself. It wasn’t until she reached her teen years that she first considered writing one. A computer failure and lost files put a major glitch in her journey, and it took until she graduated university with a teaching degree before she took up the dream once more. Since then, she hasn’t been able to stop. “Writing high school romances brings me the greatest joy. My heart bubbles, my insides zing, and I am at my happiest when immersed in a great scene with characters who have become real to me.”

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