#Review Dark Seeds (Ovialell #1.5) by Tish Thawer @TishThawer @agarcia6510


Dark Seeds (Ovialell #1.5)

As evil creeps across Ovialell, the Goddess Diana searches for the Darkling responsible and the person pulling his strings. Little does she know that Fayln, the Unseelie fae queen, is responsible for so much more than siding with a Darkling. She’s also has taken something that could turn the tides in the upcoming war.


Zakrill will do anything to regain what was stolen from his people, but the discovery of a mysterious item in the hands of the Amazons has everyone scrambling to put the pieces together to find out just who will have the upper hand in the end.








I opened the book and in what seemed a few minutes I was at the end. I was left with the uncomfortable sensation that is both want and need as this book was way too short and I have no patience but yet must wait around for the next installment to be released. If you haven’t read anything written by this author then I ask you this; what are you waiting for?




{I requested a copy for reviewing purposes and made no guarantee of a favorable review. The opinions expressed herein are unbiased and my own.}


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