#Spotlight By Fire and Starlight by Michael DeBeur


Youth fantasy with anthropomorphic characters that are caught up in a magical and mystical world of sorcery and search of their identity.


By Fire and Starlight

by Michael DeBeur

Release Date: November 2017

Imprint:  Sunquills






This story is about a giant intelligent mouse who has lost his memory and is trying to seek his true identity. Through his journey he is pursued by a sorcerer and meets many friends who to have lost their identity. Together they join forces and try to find out what happened to them.


I wrote this story about 20 years ago and over the last year have edited it and have had it illustrated by Matthew Marini. Many of the situations in the story are from personal events that

took place in my life and places that I have been. Some of the situations were also formulated

from dreams that I have had in the past. I have always been interested in youth fiction and

fantasy with morals included in the stories that I have read. I have been influenced by E. Nesbit

and the Narnia series of books. I have also written poetry in my younger years and a few other

short stories that had an element of fantasy in them. This is my first attempt at a short youth

fantasy novel and thought by having illustrations in the book the story would come to life.


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