#Spotlight Pegperson Pat By John Fredericks


Pegperson Pat is a little toy trying to fit in with his superhero neighbors.


Pegperson Pat

By John Fredericks

July 2017





Pegperson Pat is excited to meet the new people.


That's because they're SUPERHEROES (accessories included)!


Will Pat be able to fit in with his super new neighbors? Join Pat, Tractor, Captain Bulky, Hyperstar and WebbyWolf to find out.


John Fredericks has been writing and drawing since he could hold a pencil.  (His mom's still mad about that wallpaper in Pottsville.)  Also, he’s the illustrator of the PRINCIPAL SAM series of children’s books, also available through Ravenswood.  He works as a teacher, and lives with his family in Pennsylvania.  You can follow him on Twitter @sketchingjohn and www.sketchingjohn.weebly.com.




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