#AuthorSpotlight LeAnn Mason

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We want to introduce you to LeAnn Mason. She is a new Young Adult author and her debut novel Illusionary {Minefield Enforcers Book 1} releases Spring, 2018.




My name is LeAnn  and I write YA Urban Science Fantasy. My debut novel, Illusionary, is almost presentable to the world and should be available in Spring 2018.




The story centers around an 18 year old Enhanced human named Nathalee. The world is as we know it… with one small difference. There is an offshoot branch of humans who have evolved to possess either mental or physical abilities. These “Enhanced” humans have been herded into isolated and monitored communities away from the rest of the human population. Unable to leave, the Enhanced are forever kept like bugs under a microscope… or prisoners.


When I'm not writing, I'm hanging out with my hubby and two munchkins around our Oklahoma home. Though currently horseless, I have been riding since my teen years and adore the giant animals so much that I wrote them into my story. We are a family of music lovers and are rocking out just about all the time, so of course I had to put that muse onto the pages as well.


Intrigue, Attraction, Deceit.






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