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Hello Readers! Today we are part of another blog tour! This one is for Raven's Sight by R.L. Weeks, a YA paranormal mystery. Read an excerpt from the book, and don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway at the end of the post!

Raven's Sight
Raven's Shadow Book 1
by R.L. Weeks
Genre: YA Paranormal Mystery
Award Winning author, R. L. Weeks, brings you Raven's Sight - a Young Adult Victorian Paranormal Mystery. Book One can be read as a standalone and as part of the series.
Raven looks out over the small, industrial town of Cogsworth and imagines a life beyond the confines of her Grandmother's mansion.
However, Raven holds a dark secret that prevents her from leaving. One which comes to light after her father's untimely death. Now an orphan, Raven must do her best to hide her gifts of sight if she's to survive the cruel Victorian society she lives in.
However, when a ghost of a child comes to her for help, Raven finds herself in the gas lit streets of London, on the trail of a female serial killer. As she tries to solve the string of murders, she realizes that the murders are almost identical to those from a case left unsolved years before she was born.
In a race against time, Raven is thrown into a world she doesn't know. With her crush, Tom, now a ghost, her friend, Emmett, now a suspect, and an uncle who runs illicit groups and hates women, Raven will have to unravel the mysteries quickly before she becomes their next victim.

November 27th, 1861
Tears blur my vision as I realise for the first time that I will be turning nine
without Father. I miss his sparkling blue eyes and “moments of madness,” as Grandmother called them. Father is…I mean, was, the owner of a wool factory. Father said that his factory was one of the first to recognise a union, whatever that is, and his workers were paid fairly. He was very proud of his factory which is now owned his adopted brother who I’ve never met. All the workers live in small houses in our small town of Cogsworth.
I used to sneak off and look at the factory after school. Sparks and flames
would light up the sky that had been darkened by smoke from the chimneys. I
used to watch the children that worked at his factory sit on the old wooden fence and eat their dinners before going back to finish their long day.
I look down at my little fingers and wonder if I will be put to work now that
he is dead.

R L Weeks is the bestselling and award-winning author of the Dead Loves Life Series, Bloodlust, The Fallen, Willow Woods Academy for Witches, Cursed, and the owner of Enchanted Anthologies, publisher of Fractured Fairytales Books 1 & 2, A Deadly World: Vampires in Paris, Things Only the Darkness Knows, and Christmas Nightmares.
She lives in a small village in the UK.
When she's not writing, she's traveling, reading (paranormal, fantasy and horror being her go to genres) and designing covers for Dark Wish Designs.

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