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Publication Date: April 10, 2018
ASIN: B07C47Z4V4
Length: 140 pages
Genres: Children's Fiction
About Dog Eared:
Dogs can’t read. Right?
When Sophie’s grandfather moves in to a retirement home, Sophie is delighted to take over responsibility for his super obedient dog, Lector. Her grandfather also gives her two journals for Lector and tells her how important they are. But listening isn’t one of Sophie’s strong points.
Sophie’s dream-come-true turns into a nightmare when the usually well behaved Lector turns super-bad overnight. After midnight on his first night with Sophie, Lector gets himself into all kinds of trouble and leads Sophie into a run-in with the local bully. Dogs in the town have been going missing too. Could there be a dog snatcher on the loose?
Sophie desperately needs Lector to return to his former obedient self, especially when her dad and step-mum-to-be announce, to Sophie’s horror, that they are having a baby.  Lector’s future with the family is in danger. If Sophie can’t retrain Lector before Sophie’s new half sibling is born, he’ll have to be rehomed.
Can Sophie discover the magical secret to training Lector, and keep him away from the dog snatcher, before it’s too late?
Exclusive Excerpt:
Sophie’s dad had his no-nonsense face on. He coughed as Sophie and Toby entered the room. “Sit down, please. We need to tell you something.”
Toby looked at the door as if he was considering making a run for it rather than having a serious, fake family, conversation. He met Sophie’s eyes. She shrugged at him. She was as in the dark as he was, although she wondered if it was about their money situation, or lack of it, following what she’d overheard a few nights ago.
“Now this might come as a bit of a shock,” said Sophie’s dad. “But we hope you will be as pleased as we are.” He put his hand on Emma’s knee.
Pleased? thought Sophie. That ruled out being broke.
He stood up to make his announcement.
Emma smiled up at him. He smiled back.
Sophie thought she might be sick.
“We have some exciting news which will change things around here.” Sophie’s dad looked at Sophie and Toby’s puzzled faces. “For the better,” he said, trying to put them at ease. “We wanted you to know first that...”
Sophie wondered how much longer her dad could possibly draw this announcement out. It was like he was auditioning for a TV talent show presenter role.
A big smile spread across Sophie’s dad’s face which was getting redder by the second. He looked as if the excitement was about to burst out of him and splatter against the walls. “Emma is pregnant,” he eventually blurted. “We’re going to have a baby.”
Emma beamed up at him and reached for his hand.
Luckily for Sophie, her dad and Emma were too engrossed in each other for the few seconds following the announcement to notice Sophie’s raised eyebrows and gawping mouth. Sophie recognised a look of horror in Toby’s eyes too, but they were both polite enough to alter their faces to big smiles as the attention turned back to them.
“Well, what do you think of that?” Sophie’s dad asked.
Sophie looked at Toby. His face was frozen into a fake smile and he looked like he daren’t speak for fear of letting it drop.
Sophie was going to have to say something. “Wow, that’s er…it’s wow.”
“Yeah wow,” Toby finally managed to say.
Sophie’s dad took the wows as excitement and bent in to give Sophie a big hug and then did the same to Toby. He sat back down. “I know it’s great news and we don’t want to put a dampener on anything.” Sophie’s dad turned serious again. “But it does mean that Lector will need to be properly trained before the baby arrives.”
Sophie furrowed her brow. She wasn’t expecting Lector to be an issue in this conversation.
Her dad held up his hands. “We have time, obviously,” he said. “But we can’t have Lector behaving the way he has been with a baby in the house. When we agreed to have him, we didn’t know he would be like this.”
Emma looked at her feet, clearly not wanting to make eye contact with Sophie.
“Wait, what exactly are you saying?” said Sophie.
Toby decided this would be a good time to leave. “Congratulations,” he said looking from Sophie’s dad to his mum. “Can I go to my room now please?”
Emma smiled at him and nodded.
Toby bent down and picked up a drinks coaster that had been keeping Lector quiet during the big announcement and was now dented with teeth marks and covered in slobber. Toby put it on the sideboard and left the room.
Sophie’s dad sat on the edge of his seat. “He needs to be properly trained, that’s all.” He reached forward to pat Lector. “The landlord of the kebab shop is also a dog trainer. Mr Barkalot is his name. He’s always leaving flyers in the shop, and as luck would have it he’s running a class that starts tomorrow evening. We can only afford to pay for two lessons, so you’ll have to pay attention and learn all the techniques, so you can train him yourself after that. Okay?”
“Okay.” Sophie bowed her head. “Thanks,” she added, knowing money was tight and dog lessons, even just two, were an expense they couldn’t really afford. But she couldn’t help wondering what would happen if the training didn’t work. Would they really make her get rid of Lector? Just because of a stupid new baby half brother or sister that she didn’t even want.
Meet the Author:
Jojo is a writer from St Neots in Cambridgeshire, England—although she mostly lives in her head, a carefree happy place where everything is bright and fluffy. 
Her debut novella, The Charm, was published in 2014 and the sequel, Mind Games, in 2016.
Jojo likes to take photos of her dog and post them to Instagram and Twitter @jojodebrazza
More Jojo Debrazza stuff can be found on her facebook page, and her blog:

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