The Peculiar Possum by Tracey Hecht ARC Review

Hello readers! We were able to get our hands on an early copy of The Peculiar Possum by Tracey Hecht! Take a look at what we thought of it.

The Peculiar Possum
by Tracey Hecht

In The Peculiar Possum, Tobin, a sweet pangolin, Bismark, a loud-mouthed sugar glider, and Dawn, a serious fox, encounter strange sounds and smells in the valley. When an unfamiliar animal appears, Bismark is not pleased! But soon Bismark and the Brigade learn that being peculiar is also reason to be proud.

A delightful read that teaches young children that differences are what makes us all special. Beautifully written with eye-catching illustrations that will entertain kids while teaching a valuable lesson. 

{I requested a copy from the publisher and made no guarantee of a favorable review. The opinions expressed herein are unbiased and my own.}

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