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EmergenceEmergence (Infernal Guard #1)
By SGD Singh
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age category: Young Adult
Release Date: January 30, 2016

Seventeen year-old Asha's days are spent training in martial arts, attending homeschool classes, and helping in the kitchens of a luxurious Miami resort which she seldom leaves. Until the night her grandfather arrives home mysteriously injured, accompanied by a terrifying stranger. Asha begins to suspect that nothing is what it seems when she is abruptly sent to Punjab, India to live with relatives she never knew she had.

Joined by her best friend, Lexi, and her newfound cousin, Nidhan, Asha is soon drawn to an unusual place where the three of them learn that our World is much more than it appears. And there is a good reason people are afraid of the dark.

Meet The Infernal Guard: Shape-shifting Jodha warriors, Seers of various psychic Talents, Healers, Illusionists, and weapons-creating Tvastars. They are the gifted few who fight to protect our realm from demonic Underworlders escaping the seven lower dimensions of Hindu Mythology's Fourteen Worlds.

As the next generation of heroes from around the globe gathers to begin training, Asha discovers true love and a family in her friends and instructors. But something in the darkness knows that she alone possesses the rarest Talent of all. Now Asha must find the courage and strength to risk everything she has gained before a devouring evil like no other The Infernal Guard has ever faced destroys our realm's very existence.

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“My husband posted four attendants inside Zemirah’s hospital room, to keep her safe,” Dādi’s
laugh lacked humor. “But she continued to remaine unconscious, until...twenty four hours after she first
screamed in her room, Zemirah...died.”
The older woman shook as tears began to stream down her face.
“I sat in the chair outside her room, wondering how I could have let it happen. I should have
said something, I should have done something—anything—to help her. I should have somehow made
my husband let Abhijay take her. She was the kindest...the best friend I ever had, the best person I had
ever known. And I had done nothing.
Asha grasped her hand, and Dādi’s eyes flew to hers as Asha poured healing into the woman.
The seconds stretched into minutes as they sat in silence. Dādi reached for her tea, and, finding
it had gone cold, placed it back on the tray.
“Dādi, it’s late,” Asha said finally. “You shout rest. I—”
“No. I want to tell you. Do you know something? Except for your eyes, Asha, you look just like
your grandmother. The first time you walked through that door, I thought...for just a moment, that...”
She shook her head.
Closing her eyes, Dādi took a deep breath, and when she opened them, Asha felt the hairs on her
neck stand. The older woman looked through Asha, into the past, a past where something terrible was
filling her with revulsion and fear.
“I saw Maninder go into Zemirah’s room. He still hoped. Maybe there had been a malfunction
with his machines, and his sister-in-law was still alive. None of us could fathom how a completely
healthy woman of twenty-two, a woman who he himself had said would be fine, could suddenly die! I
couldn’t look at him. I felt...disgusted with him. His ego, his arrogant God-complex...he had killed her.
But then I heard the screaming, and I realized through the fog of my rage that something was terribly
wrong. A moment later, Maninder stumbled into the hallway, slipping and staggering, frantic to lock the door of Zemirah’s room. And I saw he was sliding in blood. I saw that he was covered with it as if he
had bathed in it...”
Dādi began to shiver, and spoke so softly Asha had to strain to make out her words. She reached
to place a healing hand on the older woman’s again, but Dādi didn’t seem to notice at all.
“At first, I thought it was his own blood, and I admit it. Part of me was...glad. But then...then he
pointed to the window in the door, and I saw. Zemirah was...she was still dead, only somehow...alive. I
know that sounds insane, impossible... And the attendants! They lay torn, ripped open, writhing and
screaming in agony. And Zemirah...she...it...like some ravenous beast...was crouched over them...eating
Dādi barely whispered the words now, sitting pale and still.
“She turned her head and looked straight at me, and her eyes...they were like bloodshot lychees,
white-grey. Unseeing. It was too late to save anyone trapped inside of that room. And the blood. There
was so much blood. It covered everything, it poured from under the door. It dripped from the ceiling.
“My husband sat in a chair, sobbing like a sniveling child. I think he was truly going into shock.
I screamed for him to tell me where Abhijay was, but he only stared at me as if I were a stranger. I
slapped him hard across the face, but it wasn’t until I slapped him for the third time that he finally told
me where he had locked up his brother, and I ran.
“They had chained Abhijay to the bed like a dangerous animal, and when he saw me, all he said
was, ‘What time is it?’ His voice was horrible, hollow. I think he knew the instant he saw my face that
it was too late, that he couldn’t save Zemirah. He looked...utterly defeated. We unlocked his chains, an
attendant and I, and Abhijay fell to his knees with a sob that broke my heart into a thousand pieces.
Then he...he became perfectly calm. He stood and pulled a sword from his belt—a sword I hadn’t
realized he was wearing—and he ran to Zemirah’s room, with the attendant and I trailing after him. By
the time we caught up to him, it was over. Abhijay had beheaded them all. Four attendants, three interns, and...Zemirah. His own wife. He waded through the blood, set fire to the room, and walked out
of the hospital without a backward glance. And then he simply...left. The police were surprisingly
I’ll bet they were, Asha thought. Better eight dead Zombies than thousands, even millions.
“When we got home, Abhijay and Balraj were gone. They had left all of their possessions
Asha thought of the intricate gold ring with the large diamond her grandfather always wore on
his pinky.
“Maninder never saw or spoke to his brother again.”
Dādi raised a glass of water to her lips with shaking hands and drank.
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SiriGuruDev SinghAbout the Author:
SiriGuruDev Singh lives in New Mexico and Punjab, India with her husband, two daughters, and various extended relatives and animals. She is the author of the YA urban fantasy trilogy The Infernal Guard and Exiled To Freedom, a YA historical fiction novel about India’s bloody Partition of 1947.

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