Resistant by Ryan T. Petty Review

The light of freedom. That is all Jennifer remembers before she escapes a secret compound deep in the wooded terrain of Arkansas. Eluding her captors, she finds a world in ruins.

Abandoned cars on the interstate act as tombs for the dead, and many of those left living have been mentally altered by what the survivors call the SA8 virus.

When Jennifer comes across a group of survivors, she thinks she’s saved, until her blood is tested for the virus and the results are inconclusive. Will the survivors allow her into their community? What about the one man who is willing to sacrifice everything to help her find the truth behind her diagnosis? Is she resistant to the virus? Does she hold the cure for human survival?

This dystopian read started out a bit slow for me. However, I feel that the author did this intentionally as his worldbuilding revs up to a growing crescendo and you find it difficult to put down.

His take on the virus and its effects on people was creatively done. Be prepared to encounter overwhelming desolation and miles of corpses in this well-rounded read.

This read receives

{I requested a copy for reviewing purposes and made no guarantee of a favorable review. The opinions expressed herein are unbiased and my own}

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