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Wolf of the Tesseract (Wolves of the Tesseract #1)
Release Date: July 2016
Black Rose Writing

In a world underneath our own reality, magic & science are two sides of the same coin. After merging with her copy from an alternate reality, college student Claire Jones is thrust into a setting beyond imagine and must fight alongside Zabe, an inter-dimensional guardian. Together they must stop an evil warlock from shattering the laws of existence who, above all else, seeks Claire's blood as the key to controlling the all-powerful Tesseract.
As they flee his wrath, Claire must decide what her romantic feelings for her protector mean... apocalypse-bringing sorcerers aside, Claire's mission is to rescue the woman Zabe loves... even if Claire has likewise fallen for the selfless soldier.

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I’ve had the privilege of hosting world-building panels alongside some big names in the fantasy world (including New York Times bestsellers) at writing conferences and at conventions.
During prewriting, I usually start with a core nugget of what I’m looking for: the absolute facts of my setting/realm/situation and then spiral out from there with logic. I ask myself a lot of “how does this work” and “what if” type of questions.
In my Kakos Realm fantasy series, I drew the rough topography… then I drew the prevailing weather system. That established where and what my climates would look like, where my biggest forests would be, etc. Then I decided how my magic worked (it’s a different kind of science, after all.) What rules governed it—where does power come from. It’s important to know it all—but it should never be unloaded entirely to a reader. My author friend Stephen Brust often says, “You should always know just a little bit more than you reveal to the audience.” I agree. It’s the best way to retain the mystery.
In my Wolves of the Tesseract series, I started linking string theory concepts to Madeline L’Engel’s tesseract-style quantum travel. I also added in a bunch of fantasy elements, but kept most of the magic as more of an alchemical kind of science with hard and fast rules. Originally I had thought to have each of the different dimensions have its own set of physics and be a wholly different kind of world (like in A Wrinkle in Time) but by the time I began playing around with notes for a sequel, I scrapped some of that in favor of consistency and gave extradimensional origins to the reptilian Vyrm race. Towards the tail end of book 2, readers can see some allegorical parallels between their race and the Christian concept of “adoption” that we see in the New Testament. The Bible is filled with great material to borrow from and it creates a built-in familiarity that adds to readers’ buy-in on your concepts. I also drew heavily on Lovecraft for themes.
Lovecraftian-religious fiction? If the label helps me sell more books, I’ll gladly take it… but I find the nature of my world-building sometimes forces me to cross genres.

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Christopher D. Schmitz is the traditionally published and self-published author of both fiction and nonfiction. When he is not writing or working with teenagers he might be found at comic conventions as a panelist or guest. He has been featured on cable access television broadcasts, metro area podcasts, and runs a blog for indie authors.
Always interested in stories, media such as comic books, movies, 80s cartoons, and books called to him at a young age—especially sci-fi and fantasy. He lives in rural Minnesota with his family where he drinks unsafe amounts of coffee. The caffeine shakes keeps the cold from killing them. His entire family is musically gifted, although he is, sadly, their only bagpiper.
Education: Schmitz also holds a Master’s Degree in Religion and freelances for local newspapers. He is available for speaking engagements, interviews, etc. via the contact form and links on his website or via social media.

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