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Merlin's Stronghold (Faerie Crossed Book 2)
by Angelica R. Jackson
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Release Date: October 23rd 2018

Just when Avery Flynn thinks she’s gaining some control over her magic, the Border between Faerie and the human world collapses in a catastrophic explosion. With waves of wild magic laying waste to Fae and human territories, the blame falls on Avery and her fiery temper.
Clearing her name will mean staying ahead of the grim Wild Huntsman on her trail, and convincing Merlin, the original embodiment of wild magic, to help before the devastation becomes permanent.
But as allies and enemies alike try to force their own agendas on her, trust does not come easily to Avery. She’ll need to set aside her doubts and accept that she can’t do this alone—before it’s too late for both worlds.

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Dream Cast for the Faerie Crossed Books
This was so hard! I have a lot of characters in the series (plus, sharing details about some of them would be spoiler-y), so I’m just going to concentrate on a few for this challenge. And since Avery’s (great-)Uncle Tam is important to her, I’ll do profiles for them:
About Avery (main character): She’s got red hair (which she fesses up to being henna) and loves vintage clothing, so she definitely has a distinct sense of fashion.
Okay, I admit I was stumped on this one at first. The only well-known actor who came to mind was Jane Levy, from her Suburgatory period. But I couldn’t find any public-domain photos of her to share, and she didn’t “feel” quite right.
But then I had a head-desk moment, because the model from the cover of the books also happens to act (and sing). So, why not take a chance on a yet-to-be-discovered talent for dream casting? (Full disclosure: she happens to be my niece, but I lucked out that she’s an accomplished model when I hired her for my photoshoot)
Photo of Renee Sprouse, from her Instagram @primad0nna_

Renee features on both the Crow’s Rest and Merlin’s Stronghold covers, and will possibly be on more in the Faerie Crossed series. Here’s another photo from the shoot that didn’t get used for a cover:
(Photo by Angelica R. Jackson, 2017)
Both those pictures show Renee with long red hair, but she’s just as likely to have purple hair, or blue hair, or a combination of colors. She has a talent for changing her look, which also makes her a good match for a book that connects to the Fae.
About Uncle Tam:
At the time we meet him, he’s an older gentleman with gray hair and beard, but he carries himself like he was once an athlete. His eyes are canny and clever, and often amused, but can have some serious depths too.
Again, I didn’t have anyone specific in mind. Maybe Sean Connery circa 1990s, like in The Hunt for Red October or The Russia House. But that still didn’t quite fit, so I searched for “silver foxes” to see who else came up.
I spied a model named R Jack Foley and he fit the bill perfectly
This photo from his Instagram, @to_ron_to, is perfect for the spirit of Uncle Tam, even if Foley is a bit younger than the character. He’s acted in at least one commercial, so who knows—by the time my series is ever made into a video format, he could be just the right age by then!
So who are your nominations for playing a sarcastic, stubborn, red-headed girl? Or for Thomas “Tam” Flynn, who lives in a cottage in a cemetery and teaches fiddle? Please share them in the comments.

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About the Author

In keeping with her scattered Gemini nature, Angelica R. Jackson has far too many interests to list here.
She has an obsession with creating more writing nooks in the home she shares with her husband, a rescued Basset Fauve de Bretagne named Chloe, and a reformed-feral cat in California's Gold Country. Fortunately, the writing nooks serve for reading and pet cuddling too.
Other pastimes include cooking for food allergies (not necessarily by choice, but she’s come to terms with it), photography, and volunteering at a local no-kill sanctuary.
She blogs at Angelic Muse, and is an active member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Independent Book Publisher's Association, Northern California Publishers and Authors, and the Author's Guild.

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