#galaxygirl by Bev Smith Blog Tour with Excerpt & Giveaway @rararesources

Welcome to our stop during the #galaxygirl blog tour. Our stop features an excerpt and giveaway

You hate school. Your family is beyond annoying. Your only friend comes from a different planet, and she’s about to leave.
What’s a girl to do?
Fed up with life on Earth, Esme stows away on the spaceship taking Stella back to Planet Kratos.
So begins Esme’s adventure into a world beyond the stars. A world of strange creatures, thrilling journeys, heroic rescues and instant fame.
Oh, and school. Lots of school.
Along the way she discovers that friends may be greener on the other side, but they still can’t be trusted.
Millions and billions of light years away from Earth, she sets in motion a plan to escape. Unfortunately for her, they aren’t about to let their prize exhibit leave anytime soon…

#galaxygirl features a series of blog posts written by Esme to help her mum ‘come to terms’ with her decision to run away and live in outer space. In the following extract Esme and Stella meet for the first time:

It was the antenna that first caught my attention. As she walked across the quad it sprouted casually from under her hat, like it was checking the school out. I should’ve guessed something weird was going on when Mrs Snotgrass pulled her aside and repositioned it, rather than tell her off for not being in the approved uniform. They were whispering, the cold heating up their breath, releasing tiny pockets of gas into the morning air.
Every atom in my body tensed as they turned to look at me. Oh no, she’s going to ask me again.
As Snottypants and the newbie walked towards me I clocked The Populars, clustered together at ten-to-two. Becky Morgan and her cronies were leaning against the windows of the art corridor, lazily watching my predicament. As ever, they looked like they could freeze a puddle of mercury with a single glance, such was the level of their cool.
 Next to them stood Dylan Grant, aka Delicious Dylan – just in case you’re not sure, that means, ‘also known as’. My stomach did the usual cartwheels, somersaults and double back-flips whenever I saw him. Leaving me completely ‘in-compost-mentis’, as Gran used to say.
 Or something like that.
 ‘Earth to Esme. Are you with us?’ asked Snottypants, pointing her long, supernova nose in my direction. Her hair dangling like a bunch of sweaty cheese-strings, all jostling for space on her head.
 ‘Er … what? Yes … Yes, of course,’ I stuttered, dragging my eyes away from Delicious Dylan and back to the near future. Blimey, this girl looks even weirder close up. No competition for Delicious Dylan here!
 ‘Esme, I’d like you to look after our new girl.’
 Well isn’t that just double PE on a wet Monday morning terrific! I get to look after the weirdo in fancy dress for the day.
 ‘Meet Stella. She has specifically asked for you to show her all aspects of the school. I trust this is acceptable to you?’ Not waiting for an answer she turned to face the newbie again. ‘Esme is an excellent example of a Year 8 student. Learn as much from her as possible about human girls within this age group.’

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Bev Smith has been a secondary school teacher, saleswoman, waitress, wages clerk, youth worker and holiday park entertainments manager. She has scuba dived the Barrier Reef, lived in a village in Namibia, worked for a charity in Thailand, flown over Victoria Falls and paddled in the sea at Bournemouth.
Having single-parented her three daughters, she’s been ferociously playing catch up with this writing lark.  She recently completed a Masters in Writing for Children at Winchester University. #galaxygirl is her debut middle-grade book.  

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