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Enrique Rosado
Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy
Release date: November 2017


Lahar’s life was regular- college, work, then binge watch whatever was in her queue. That was until she woke up in a new land. She meets a young wizard named Arena, who has made a home on the beach. With the help of his massive dog and mystical creatures called wisps, she must find a way back home while she fights the forces of a monster who lives among them. Join this Fantasy adventure, with new creatures to see and adventures to be had.

"4.5/5 Stars ... a truly quirky and unique read that will be a new favorite for fantasy lovers." - San Francisco Book Review

"A parade of whimsical elements reminiscent of early, dreamlike video games" - Kirkus Review

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What's up, everyone. I am Enrique Rosado the author of the book “Shore”. Proper world building matters in any story and must be (in my opinion) toughly thought out. I want to give you an understanding of where the story takes place without giving away any details in the story So please allow me to introduce to the world my novel takes place in.
There is a beach that stretches as far as the horizon. With water so clear, it as if it has never been touched. Sand so radiant it's like specs of gold. This beach houses many strange sights. There is a garden known as the “Reef” that is overshadowed by a cliff. Sprouting from the cliff side are massive coral the size of buses. Each one is different from the last as they stretch and sprout in different directions, with a multitude of colors.
   On the sand in this cliffs shadow is the garden. Each flour looks like coral but is soft to the touch like petals of a flower.  Far from the reef and just a few yards off the sands of the beach resting on the grass is a small white house in the field. This is home to the beach bum wizard named Arena. The only known inhabitant of this area. His house is cozy but hold many secrets. Living with him is a massive sheepdog the size of a horse, and the magical Wisps. These are three mystical creatures with bodies made of sand and lantern heads.
   Connected to the beach is what feels like a repeating field, as it has no end. The only thing in it is an enormous tree, with a twisted trunk, and leaves each with their own glimmering color. Though monsters lurk below and stalk the field. Creatures are known as Beast, body’s of wolves, hooves of stallions, horns of a bull and each with wooden masks the cover their faces and obscures their eyes. The only thing you can see is their rows of teeth when their jaws unhinge. Though the monster that lives below them all watches and waits for his moment to appear.
   Besides Arena, his dog, his friends the wisps, and the monsters lurking in the field, there is no other life. There is no sign of civilization anywhere, an ocean paradise isolated from the outside world
   This world is governed by the origin of all life and energy, The Source. Everything in the known universe carries the Source within it as the enviable hand connecting and shaping all. It has been here since the beginning, believing to be the energy that sparked the Big Bang itself. The ability to use and channel the Source is to use magic.  
   This is the world Lahar is thrust into, this is the world of Shore.

About the Author
I'm Enrique Rosado, a Puerto Rican who grew up on the island for a bit before landing in Killeen, Texas, a town that cultivated me and made me who I am today. Now I find myself in New York City writing any chance I get.

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